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119" x 81" x 53" Inflatable Water Slide106" Junior Jumper Water Trampoline

Spin 'N Pull Turtles
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Spin 'N Pull Turtles

Product: 0660-NL

  • Pull along turtle toy plays melody
  • 2 modes of play:
    • Music mode: pre-programmed cheerful melodies
    • Learning mode: counting from 1 to 5
  • 2 manual activities:
    • 5 rolling balls for filling the turtle’s shell
    • Press down on the small turtle to spin the balls
  • Fun sound effects when the balls slide through the opening in the shell
  • 2 AA batteries required (included)


Package specifications

Master Pack: 6 units

Inner Pack: 1 unit

Cubage: 2.5443 ft³

Weight: 6.04 kg









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